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Pan de muertos

Conexiones Culturales

Every quarter, Spanish 1 and 2 students will be responsible for completing cultural activities in and outside of class. In order to earn the 10 points for the quarter, you must complete a combination of activities adding up to 10 points. Some activities you can repeat (see note).

ESPAÑOL 1 y 2: Conexiones CulturalesNombre Pts

Película (1-3pts)
Revista (2-4pts)
Música (2 pts)
Find a Spanish song (not an English song in Spanish!) from the link below.
An extra challenge: Play the game __lyricstraining__ during class or RTI and earn 1 point (up to 4pts).
Mi vida loca (2-6 pts)__
Restaurante (4 pts)
  • Go to a Latin American restaurant and order your food in Spanish.
  • Print and take this worksheet to the restaurant with you; the waiter must complete it in Spanish in order to get your points.
  • __Hoja de Conexiones - Restaurante__
  • You may also videotape the conversation.
Escucha un Podcast (3 pts)
LEER (5 pts)
Make a Video
__2 opciones__ (Click for Instructiones)
  • Telenovela
  • Music Video
Example Video
Duolingo (1-5 pt) __www.duolingo.com__
  • Duolingo is a free website/app that is great for beginners.
  • Sign up and complete a lesson online or use la Profe's iPad app!
  • May complete up to 5 points (each lesson = about 30 minutes)
Arte (3-5pts)
Make a piñata 3-5pts __Hoja de Conexiones - Piñata__

Make cascarones 3-5pts __Hoja de Conexiones - Cascarones__

Talk to Profe if you have another idea!